Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Annunal Marshall Flingdango....

The annual Marshall Camp-out has come and gone and some great memories have been made. On the way we made a pit-stop to visit our newest nephew Jack. He is such a sweetie pie. Chase and Jack are less than two months apart, but I think Chase looks like the stay-puff-marshmallow man next to him.
We had to make a second pit-stop when we saw a momma moose and her twin baby mooselings (what are baby moose called anyway?). If you look close you can see the babies.
This year we decided to hike into Aldus lake with the kids. It was 1.3 miles in and was a pretty good hike. This is close to the beginning of the hike -- as noted by the smiles on all the kids faces. Chase definitely had the easiest time on mommy's tummy.
Abby was quite the trouper and did a great job hiking. She did it all by herself most of the way. We were so proud of her. It was a lot of work for her small body.

Wyatt sat on Tracy's shoulders for most of the hike. Tracy also carried our pack. I think I over-packed for the hike -- that was one heavy backpack along with a 40 pound Wyatt! Tracy's shoulders are barely recovering. I think he is going to pack the backpack next time.
Of course Chase just chilled most of the day.
We were so excited to make it to the lake. Here we are enjoying our lunches. To bad the mosquitoes enjoyed us for lunch too. The lake was beautiful and the kids enjoyed themselves. Notice the annual camp shirt. We looked like quite the crew on the trail with over 25 of us all dressed alike.

Morgan had to try her hand at fishing. She was quite the little fisher-woman on this trip. She caught so many fish at a pond by our camp-site that she was hooking them for her cousins to reel in. She out fished her dad again.
After the hike, we had a fun evening of skits and lip-syncs. Here is Morgan leading a skit for her cousins and sister under the blanket. Uncle Brett didn't see it coming, but they had it out for him with a cup of water.

Morgan, Abby, and Wyatt lip-synced a Hannah Montana number. It was too cute!
Chase enjoyed getting to know his Grandpa Marshall a little better!

Of course, what would a Marshall Campout be without some sort of an obstacle course challenge. Here are the kids at the start of the course. There was a rope-climb, a rope-swing, a spider net, a balance beam, and a bike race. Here are some pictures from all of the fun.

Great times and great memories. Lets do it again soon. Anyone up for August?

Monday, July 20, 2009

3 New Additions....

Tracy was mowing the lawn last Friday and three little kittens wandered into our yard from the field behind our house. They are the cutest littlest kittens, no more than a month old. We were relieved when they drank milk from a small bowl. I don't know if I have ever seen my kids so excited.

It only took about an hour before all three kittens had names. The golden one is Tiger. The black one with long white front legs is long socks. The other black one is blue eyes.

How do I break it to my kids that they might get to keep one, but the others will have to find new homes. For now, I think we will just enjoy the kittens.

Let Freedom Ring....

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. It all started on Friday with a golf tournament for Tracy, my dad, and my two older brothers. They ended up in a play-off and took second place. The festivities continued with a birthday Luau for my nephew Skye.

Morgan and Abby joined the little kids in the warm kiddie pool. As you can tell, Bridger and Cyrie aren't too thrilled about the company.

Wyatt loved the water fun. He spent lots of time going down the slide into the pool. There was always a big grin on his face.

Chase had a good time on the sidelines with Grandma. She took good care of him!

The water fun was followed by a weenie roast around the fire pit. Look at all those hot dogs.

After the Luau there were plenty of rounds of card games and good times until way late into the night. Life didn't slow down one bit as we took off for a Marshall family pool party Saturday afternoon.

Chase had some more grandma time. He loves his snuggles.

Abby decided to take her cousins for a ride in the toy truck and nearly lost her cousin Matthew out the back. Remind me of this when she asks for her drivers license.

Wyatt and Tracy had a great time doing tricks in the big pool.

In the meantime, Morgan was in cahoots with her Aunt Amber. Lets just say nobody was safe when they were done filling balloons.

After a BBQ with the Marshall family, it was off to Pocatello for a great fireworks display. We sure are grateful for the wonderful country we live in, and for the wonderful families we have to share it with.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We just finished a fun season of Tiger-ball and T-ball. Abby improved so much this year. Rarely did she even have to use the tee. I don't think I heard her coach telling her to stop playing in the dirt the whole season. She really enjoyed herself.

Here is Abby hitting the ball--nice connection. Go Abby!!

Morgan moved up a league to Tiger-ball this year. They keep score, can strike out, and switch innings with 3 outs. She was on a team full of boys that were a year older than her in school. I was so proud of her and the great little player she was.
Here is Morgan right before she had a great hit. Look at that concentration. Go Morgan!!

Wyatt was quite the little trouper this year. He was at the ball-park Monday through Thursday every week cheering on his sisters. He would bring his own bat and ball to play on the sidelines.Of course we can't finish a post without a picture of my cute little Chase. He was a trouper through it all this summer too. He is such a sweet happy baby.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Island Park...

We are so blessed to belong to such wonderful families. We have been to several reunions lately. I posted a few times so check out the fun we have been having. Our latest trip was to Island Park. We stayed at a cabin off the outlet of Henry's Lake. It was absolutely beautiful. Great Grandma and Grandpa Williams even came up for a couple of days. Look at the gorgeous views off the deck...

The kids had so much fun playing on the docks. Tavin and Wyatt hiked up the hill for big rocks to throw in the water....
The boat was so much fun too. Even when they weren't going for rides, the kids had a great time playing on it...

What a cute bunch of kids ...

Morgan out-fished her dad on this trip. If you look close you can see her little fish she caught all by herself off the dock. She was so proud of herself.
We made a trip into West Yellowstone. Here is a picture of our whole family. I realized it is the first picture we have of all of us since Chase was born.
Here are the cute kiddos outside the candy store and ice cream shop. We all went home hopped up on sugar. Good times!!!
Chase sure loved his grandma. Look at the cute smiles he was giving her. He was such a great little boy. I just love him to death. What a sweetie-pie.

Tauphus Park...

We went to the annual Williams extended family reunion. It was held at Tuaphus Park this year. Here is a picture of Great Grandpa and Grandma Williams with my four kids...
It was such a rainy day, but it held off long enough for the kids to go through the zoo. We had a great time. They loved this huge tortuous...
The flamingos were lots of fun too...

I love watching how excited my kids would get about all the exotic animals. You can see the zebras in the background.
We feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful family.