Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Breakin' continued....

On Thursday of Spring Break I headed to Idaho Falls to spend the afternoon shopping for home decor with my mother-in-law and sister-in laws. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

My kids were excited to spend time with my sweet mom while I was shopping. When I returned from shopping they were so excited to tell me about all the fun they had. Grandma bought the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua and they loved it. Grandpa brought home chicken strips and fries for the kids while grandma whipped up these cute little fruit flowers below. They felt like kings and queens!!

After dinner grandma treated the kids to plastic bag bread making. Each of my kids and their cousin Brigham mixed and beat their own bread dough in plastic bags. They were excited to dump out the dough and beat it some more on the table. The boys really enjoyed the bread beating, I mean kneading.

Wyatt couldn't resist a little taste of the dough. He was in it for the quality control.

Each of the kids made two little loaves. It was such a fun time.

They didn't think the bread would ever be done, but they all agreed it was worth the wait. The bread was delicious!!!

We had so much fun --- Thanks Grandma!!! We even stayed the night and were able to spend time with Great Grandma Owens. What great memories!


Kelly said...

Mmm bread. I'd eat the loaf Wyatt made. You've got to make sure it tastes good, right?!

Mattsmom said...

FUN! It was fun to hang with you, and it looks like your kiddos had a fabulous time too!

I SERIOUSLY want that recipe and the directions from your mom! That looks like the kind of activity Matthew and Sadie would enjoy!

Plus, it looks tasty!

'T' said...

andrea loves making loafs of bread at grandma's... seriously, mom looks so great doesn't she?

Nat said...

love the fruit flower!

Heston Williams said...

Looks like lots of fun! What awesome grandparents!