Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School...

I can't believe another school year has started and I am sending two kids off to school. Wow, I feel old!!!

Morgan started second grade this year and is in Mrs. Schiffman's class. It was a rainy first day, but Morgan had a great time. We were just relieved that we didn't get a call from the school saying she had passed out and bonked her head like we did on the first day of first grade. We are so excited to watch her learn new things and make new friends. Go Morgan!

I can hardly believe Abby is old enough to start Kindergarten. She goes in the afternoon and is in Mrs. Haber's class. Abby didn't start until two days after Morgan. I can't tell you how may times she asked me if it was time for school yet. You can almost feel her excitement in this picture.
Here she is walking into school on her first day. It's a good thing I was wearing sunglasses, because there were a few tears shed that day!
It was fun to watch my two beautiful daughters come out of school together. They have class right across the hall from each other and sometimes see each other in the hall.
Wyatt was excited for the first day of school too. He gets to go to story time (school) at the library a couple of times a week. Here he is in his new school shirt and backpack. He still has three years until Kindergarten, so he isn't in preschool until next year, but don't tell him that!
Chase didn't really know what was going on. He was just happy as always!

Here's hoping for another fun successful school year!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Last Hurrah.....

We had to squeeze one last camping trip in before school starts and we are forced to get back into a routine. We went to McGary canyon up by Kilgore and had a wonderful time. In fact, Chase pretty much sums up our feelings about this camping trip in his picture below...
Wyatt was funny on this trip. As soon as he woke up, he would put on his helmet. He wanted to ride on the Motorcycle all day. He wouldn't settle for the 4 wheelers. This was his expression when he found out he had to wait until after breakfast to go for a ride...
Abby says the reason we go camping is to get dirty. She did a good job of living up to that motto this trip.
Morgan did a great job of getting dirty too. This was after the kids thought it would be fun to draw beards and mustaches out of dirt on their faces. Too funny.
Abby and some of her cousins found the only spot in camp with loose dirt and decided it would be fun to play like it was a beach. What would the beach be if you didn't bury someone in the sand?
Abby was the lucky recipient. Look at those legs. Morgan was kind enough to dig up dirt so they had plenty to work with.
After all that dirt, we decided to cool off and clean off a little in the creek.
I dipped Chase's toes in the water and this was his reaction. (Mean old mommy!)
Abby thought it felt awesome!
Hangin' out under the bridge with some cousins.
Morgan and Josh enjoying a deep spot.

Abby was splashing her dad in this picture. I love the little look in her eye!

Wyatt was ecstatic to find a mossy spot in the water. What is with boys and gross things?
Yum, Yum!!

We had quite the eventful trip. Tracy kissed a frog and was disappointed that his prince didn't come -- JK.

Abby and and Ally had a double wedding to their cousin Kaden. They even had fresh bouquets of wild flowers and beautiful hand-crafted veils.

Wow, what fun. Until next year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August comings and goings..

August has been a busy month. Here are some of our random highlights.

Chase had his first 4-wheeler ride through our yard. He didn't get too excited. Just stayed mellow-yellow like usual.

Morgan and Abby had a cousin slumber party with Andrea. They had a great time and can't wait to do it again.
Only one of the three kittens that wandered into our yard survived. They were so small. Tiger is doing great and has made a fun new addition to our family.

Wyatt loved spending time at his grandparents' house. Here he is picking peas with grandpa!

I had my birthday this month too. The girls made me a breakfast in bed of cinnamon toast and a glass of milk. It was also fun to watch the kids make me a cake all by themselves. I stayed in the room to supervise, but they did everything from cracking the eggs, to turning on the oven.

Look how excited Abby is after her and Wyatt finished frosting the cake and putting on the candles. Of course with kids in charge, you end up with a delicious rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting.

Thanks Linds for the hair make-over. I am really loving it.

Hopefully September will be just as fun as the kids start school next week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Campers...

We are definitely happy campers around here. We went on another campout with some friends and had a great time. It's always fun watching the kids play and have a great time during the day, and even more fun catching up around the campfire at night after the kids go to bed.

Chase wins the happiest camper award. Here he is just chillin' and enjoying the outdoors. I think his smile melts me a little more every time I look at it.
Just enjoying getting dirty!
Speaking of getting dirty, Wyatt and his friend Ryann are pros...Tracy, Chase, and Tiger (the kitten) relaxing. Tiger did great on his first campout.
We decided to go for a hike and it turned out to be a little longer than we anticipated. Here is Abby helping Wyatt and Ryann along. She is getting so grown up!
Morgan and Makayla on the hike. Is it just me or is my Morgan growing up?
Almost there. I think I can! I think I can!
What would a campout be without a little fun in the creek?
Good times and great memories!!!
We are so blessed to have such great friends!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hangin' with the Atwoods...

We had the awesome opportunity to spend some time over the 24th of July weekend with my sister Megan and her family in Lehi, UT. They are definitely the hostest with the mostest. Here are some of the highlights from our wonderful family vacation.

They took us up American Fork canyon to see some of the beautiful sights and to enjoy a picnic in the mountains. The kids loved playing in the creek.

My cute mom and dad...
Chase adored being outside!
My family...
Megan's beautiful family...
Another highlight was the trip to Cabellas. Tracy loved showing our kids how to shoot in the gun range. The kids loved picking out their favorite kind of fudge to share.

Chase was hungry, but decided Cabellas was more exciting than lunch!
The pool at Megan's townhouse complex was the favorite part of the trip for the kids. They swan every day!


My sister Megan rocks the pool. She is a hard-core swimmer (as noted by the swim cap.) She took swimming lessons this summer and taught me some of her sweet skills.
Here is proof of me actually swimming with my face in the water (don't die of a heart attack Shelb!)
Morgan was quite a good swim coach too. She can swim circles around her mom though!
Ryker had a blast with his cousins. Here he is jumping in the pool!
Mom and Bridger enjoying the sunshine, soaking their toes.

Megan also took us to an indoor amusement park called Jungle Jims. The looks on my kids faces says it all...


Chase rode on his first ride -- the merry-go-round! He didn't quite know what to think.
Chase was such a trouper through all of our adventures. He was a perfect little angel.

Thanks Megan for an awesome time that my family will cherish forever! You and Shawn rock!