Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thankful Hearts...

We have so much to be thankful for. I didn't want to let the holiday season pass without sharing a few of my blessings. Some of my greatest blessings are definitely my children.

Here is Abby in a Thanksgiving outfit she made at school. She loves Kindergarten and is such a good girl.

Morgan made a Pilgrim hat at school, but it was having a hard time fitting right with her piggy tails. She is such a great big sister and helps me so much.

Of course I am thankful for my two little boys. They are such good brothers. They love each other so much and I love them.
I am thankful that my kids enjoy whatever they set out to do. They always strive to do their best. Here is Abby playing soccer this fall. She loved every minute of it and worked hard.

Morgan had a great season too. She is always a great team player and so much fun to watch.

I am thankful that Wyatt always follows his sisters around with a smile and is their biggest cheerleader.
I am thankful Wyatt always has a smile on his face no matter what he is doing.
I am especially thankful to only have one kid in diapers now. I love that Wyatt reads Calvin and Hobbs (maybe that is where he is learning his tricks.)
I am thankful my girls love to go out and make a snowman when it snows...

But I am even more thankful for two thoughtful daughters who shovel the neighbor's driveway when they go out to shovel ours.

I could go on and on because I have truly been blessed with some wonderful kids!


Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

If only there were a way to keep them smaller a LITTLE longer. Love all the pictures!

Kraushouse said...

Quinton thinks that Wyatt only reads Calvin and Hobbs because Tracy left in the bathroom when he got done!

Caroline said...

Your kids really are great. What a lucky aunt I am to have such amazing nieces and nephews.