Friday, February 5, 2010

A Birthday that's Golden...

Do you know what a golden birthday is? I didn't and was quickly educated by my soon to be 8 year old. It's when you turn the age of the day of the month you were born on (ha ha ha, did you get that). So Morgan turned 8 on January 8th. It was golden for more than one reason.

Here is Morgan looking so golden on the morning of her birthday in her new outfit from Chase.

One of the highlight of the day was ring-pops for her class as seen by her blue lips below. She was so excited to get her own fishing pole, Star Wars Lego's, and a new DS game.

Aunt Shelby (she rocks) hooked us up with a free bowling pass at ISU so we picked up some pizza and some friends and had a blast !

Abby and Wyatt were thrilled to be involved!
It was fun watching all the giggly girls playing slap games all night when they weren't bowling. Do you remember playing those?

Of course the cupcakes were a hit!
What a great bunch of friends.
Morgan you are golden. How great that your golden birthday was your 8th birthday! We love you! We hope you will always remember your golden day!


Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

What a fun birthday! I love bowling. She looks so grown up in the first picture! great job on the girly party Kate!!!

Kelly said...

With her collection of star wars legos we need to hook her and Matt up in about 8 years! Can you believe she'll be getting baptized!!

Nicole Williams said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! Looks like a fun day!