Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birch Creekin' It...

Since Morgan's 8th birthday in January, she has been begging us to take her fishing with her new pole. We heard the fishing was good at Birch Creek and planned a little camping trip to kick off the summer. Morgan did a great job all on her own this year. She even wrangled her cousin Josh into putting her worms on the hook for her. I didn't catch any pictures of her fish because she was always down the creek finding a better hole.

With the help of Grandpa Marshall, Abby caught this little brook trout. She couldn't have had more fun. She did plenty of fishing on her own too.

Wyatt could have spend days on end fishing. He was always trying to get someone to bait his hook and he would sit by the banks all day and fish. Here is one of the beauties his dad helped him catch.
Across the road from where we camped was a daunting cave that all the kids wanted to explore. With our binoculars, we would watch brave 4-wheelers creep their way up the path and back down. On Friday we drove to the base of the big hill and went for a hike. I don't think any of us realized just how steep the climb would be.

I couldn't believe my eyes, but when I looked up, Abby and her cousin were the first ones to reach the cave. She practically ran all the way up. Here is Abby at the start of the hike with Ally, here partner in crime.

Morgan and Josh enjoyed the hike too and weren't far behind Abby.

Wyatt and I kept a slow and steady pace and made it too the top. Look how steep our climb was.
Chase had the right idea, riding up on Tracy's back. He had a great time, especially since we were outside.
Here we all are inside the cave. It didn't turn out to be much more than you could see from the road, but we saw some awesome sights.
Around the corner from the cave was a big natural arch. It was as large a the cave. I am standing below taking this picture.
Here is a picture looking down at the valley. I sure was proud of my little hikers. We had a great trip and hope to do it again next year!


Caroline said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to go camping with you guys this week. Oh, and your new house is looking great!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

seriously gorgeous pictures! ANd WHOLLY HIKE!