Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's all about the Great and Best!

We have some of the best great grandparents ever. Here are our kiddos with Great Grandma and Grandpa Tracy. What a bunch of cuties!
Of course we need a post with our new Sunday best. These are the kids in their Christmas dress clothes.
Wyatt is ready to head out to church. He is so excited Santa brought him a Book of Mormon and a scripture case. He is a big kid like his sisters now.

Another cute set of dresses from Grandma Marshall.


Tiniel said...

Katie, It cracks me up... You and I have the same taste in clothes for our girls... Andrea has that same dress (in the hot pink flowers) as Abby... It's such a fun dress! Thanks for having Darrec and Anna stop by to look at Morgan's DS. She and her dad had a fun date on Saturday in Poky.

Shelby said...

Katie, They are so sweet and look at Wyatt now and in a few short years, you will blink and he will be all done up again for his mission. They grow up way too fast. They are darling.

Mattsmom said...

WHY didn't I have my kiddos sit with G and G Tracy for pics? I am not smart. Remind me next time we are together that I NEED pics with them.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

love the leggings with their cute dresses! Wyatt is handsome as always!