Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Annunal Marshall Flingdango....

The annual Marshall Camp-out has come and gone and some great memories have been made. On the way we made a pit-stop to visit our newest nephew Jack. He is such a sweetie pie. Chase and Jack are less than two months apart, but I think Chase looks like the stay-puff-marshmallow man next to him.
We had to make a second pit-stop when we saw a momma moose and her twin baby mooselings (what are baby moose called anyway?). If you look close you can see the babies.
This year we decided to hike into Aldus lake with the kids. It was 1.3 miles in and was a pretty good hike. This is close to the beginning of the hike -- as noted by the smiles on all the kids faces. Chase definitely had the easiest time on mommy's tummy.
Abby was quite the trouper and did a great job hiking. She did it all by herself most of the way. We were so proud of her. It was a lot of work for her small body.

Wyatt sat on Tracy's shoulders for most of the hike. Tracy also carried our pack. I think I over-packed for the hike -- that was one heavy backpack along with a 40 pound Wyatt! Tracy's shoulders are barely recovering. I think he is going to pack the backpack next time.
Of course Chase just chilled most of the day.
We were so excited to make it to the lake. Here we are enjoying our lunches. To bad the mosquitoes enjoyed us for lunch too. The lake was beautiful and the kids enjoyed themselves. Notice the annual camp shirt. We looked like quite the crew on the trail with over 25 of us all dressed alike.

Morgan had to try her hand at fishing. She was quite the little fisher-woman on this trip. She caught so many fish at a pond by our camp-site that she was hooking them for her cousins to reel in. She out fished her dad again.
After the hike, we had a fun evening of skits and lip-syncs. Here is Morgan leading a skit for her cousins and sister under the blanket. Uncle Brett didn't see it coming, but they had it out for him with a cup of water.

Morgan, Abby, and Wyatt lip-synced a Hannah Montana number. It was too cute!
Chase enjoyed getting to know his Grandpa Marshall a little better!

Of course, what would a Marshall Campout be without some sort of an obstacle course challenge. Here are the kids at the start of the course. There was a rope-climb, a rope-swing, a spider net, a balance beam, and a bike race. Here are some pictures from all of the fun.

Great times and great memories. Lets do it again soon. Anyone up for August?


Nicole Williams said...

looks like lots of fun!

Caroline said...

Wish we could have been there for all of the fun. So glad that you guys stopped by to visit Jack. We love you!!

Kelly said...

I can't believe how fast little babies grow. Cute boys!

Mattsmom said...

makes me want to do it all again!

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Cute pics! Love the matching T's!