Monday, July 20, 2009

Let Freedom Ring....

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. It all started on Friday with a golf tournament for Tracy, my dad, and my two older brothers. They ended up in a play-off and took second place. The festivities continued with a birthday Luau for my nephew Skye.

Morgan and Abby joined the little kids in the warm kiddie pool. As you can tell, Bridger and Cyrie aren't too thrilled about the company.

Wyatt loved the water fun. He spent lots of time going down the slide into the pool. There was always a big grin on his face.

Chase had a good time on the sidelines with Grandma. She took good care of him!

The water fun was followed by a weenie roast around the fire pit. Look at all those hot dogs.

After the Luau there were plenty of rounds of card games and good times until way late into the night. Life didn't slow down one bit as we took off for a Marshall family pool party Saturday afternoon.

Chase had some more grandma time. He loves his snuggles.

Abby decided to take her cousins for a ride in the toy truck and nearly lost her cousin Matthew out the back. Remind me of this when she asks for her drivers license.

Wyatt and Tracy had a great time doing tricks in the big pool.

In the meantime, Morgan was in cahoots with her Aunt Amber. Lets just say nobody was safe when they were done filling balloons.

After a BBQ with the Marshall family, it was off to Pocatello for a great fireworks display. We sure are grateful for the wonderful country we live in, and for the wonderful families we have to share it with.

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Lindsay said...

Cute pictures...makes me miss you guys a ton.